MID 1800'S-- The 1st origins dates back to the ear of 1850's when Frederick Hollister, who owned factories in Clayville, started a fire brigade and purchased a hand engine to protect his mills.  Hollister's hand engine was originally housed in the garage of Empire Woolen Company and later, he was instrumental in building a fire station on Main Street next to his hotel, house and the house the hand engine.
This was the 1st fire station in the Village of Clayville, and it still stands next to our present fire station.
1890-- On Nov 27, 1890, The largest structure in the village of clayville, The Clayvile Carriage works was destroyed by fire.  The old hand engine was called into service but was inadequate.. and a pail brigade was formed by  calling out the entire village.  The fire caused almost $50,000 in damage, a very large amount of money in 1890.
1908--  After the carriage works fire disaster in 1890, it was determined that a volunteer fire company was needed besides the private fire brigade.  On May 5, 1908, a group of people organized the Clayville Fire Company. aka Clayville Hose Co.
The 1st volunteer company in the village of clayville.
1914-1919-- On Oct 15, 1914, the village board passed a resolution to incorporate the fire company.
  Sometimes after it's incorporation the Clayville Fire Company would build a fire station to call home, which still stands today.  and is now is occupied by the Clayville wicker Outlet.


1920--    On Sept. 3, 1920, the members of the Clayville Knitting Mill fire brigade petitioned the village board to incorporate and to organize a volunteer fire company to provide fire protection to the Village of Clayville.  On Dec 3, 1920 the board unanimously adopted the resolution to " consent to the incorporation of the Quentin McAdam Fire Company."

 The new fire company was named after Quentin Mcadam, the owner of the Clayville Knitting Mill.  This company would remain in their fire station on Main Street.

1921--    On Aug 7, 1921 With the village having 2 Volunteer fire companies, the village board decided that only 1 fire chief and 1 assistant chief should be elected to represent both fire companies.

1923-- On August 18, 1923, the 2 fire companies combined effects to host the 24th annual Oneida county Fireman's convention. The event was a huge success.

Quentin Mcadam Foreman Joseph White and the Diamond Rio Pumper at the 1923 Convention

1935--  After 15 years of operating as separate organizations, but performing the same duties at the same fires, the 2 companies disincorporated and merged under the governing body of the Village of Clayville on July, 8, 1935 to become known as the Clayville Volunteer Fire Dept.

1936-1939-- In 1936, the Village of Clayville voted to purchased their 1st brand new fire engine, a 1936 Sanford Pumper for $5,000.00  The Sanford remain in active service until the mid 1960's, was restored in 1979 and remains in the department's possession today.

1936 Sanford Pumper--picture taken in 1940 in front of Village Hall.



      After the merger in 1935 the Village decided to build a central fire station instead of using 2 separate fire stations. In March of 1937, the department moved into a new 2 stall garage, which was attached to the old village hall on Main Street.  The dept. would remain in this location until the spring of 2002.

1940's--   In the 1940's the 1st annual Field Days were held on the Village grounds in the back of the station.  The field days were an annual event until 1981.  They were resumed in 1990.

    Also in the 1940's the first fire protection contract with the Town of Paris was drafted and signed.

1950's-- In 1951 the dept and village slit the cost to purchased the dept. Scott Air packs, and purchase and install the first quick call system.

also in 1951, the dept created the first fire police unit, with the cost of the equipment paid for by the village.

 In 1955 there was a high dryer explosion at the Superfine Papermill, on Oct 31st.  The blast killed 4 people including Clayville Fireman, John North.  Several others were injured.  The Utica Daily Press, described the incident as  "the greatest tragedy this area has known.

1960's--The Home fire telephone system was placed into service in the fall of 1965.  This system was placed in several fireman's homes and became the main source of fire dispatching, besides the siren and Oneida County Mutual Aid system for many years to follow.


1970's- in 1972 Mike Hryb, Fred Stevens, and Stanley Coffin become the dept's first EMT. Soon after, the dept. purchased a used 1967 Pontiac ambulance. An Ambulance district was formed which would later include the Cassville and Paris Hill Fire Districts, and would also travel mutual aid to several other areas, including Utica.  The Ambulance service was discontinued in Jan 1992

Spring of 1979, Dept's first portable pond was purchased.

1980's -- In August of 1980, the dept voted to allow 16 and 17 year old members to join the dept as probationary members.  Clayville was one of the first Departments in the area to allow this.

1990's--  in 1999, the first ever life memberships were awarded to members with 25 years or more of service.

2000's --  After years of talks and planning the Village Board approved and awarded bids to begin construction of our new firehouse in May of 2001.  We had simply outgrown the old main street station.  The new station was to be built on the vacant lot, on Main Street across from the post office.  Construction began in July of 2001 and was completed in the Spring of 2002.

The Grand Opening was held on August 17, 2002, when a large ceremony was held.  We proudly and professionally serve our community and appreciate all the support.